Toronto City:
Toronto was founded in 1816 and has a proud history of cultural diversity, industry and commerce.

Located in the northeast quarter of Jefferson County, Toronto is nestled between forested hills and the Ohio River. Toronto is serviced by rail and an excellent highway system. It is within 50 air miles of Pittsburgh, PA, Akron and Youngstown, Ohio. A recently completed section of US Route 22 permits interstate highway access to the Pittsburgh Airport in 45 minutes.

Toronto combines the advantages of small town living with the nearby convenience of a metropolitan area. A city based Health Department and a Mayor/City Council form of government exists in Toronto.

Population: 5,091 (from 2010 Census)

Area: 1.23 square miles

Median Household Income: $40,493

Schools: Toronto City Schools preK – 12
Toronto City Schools

Households: 2,222

Median Housing Value:

Rental Units: 737

Utilities: near public water and sewer

Public Safety: Paid police and fire depts. volunteer ambulance service, EMTs

Major Transportation Routes: Ohio State Route 7 runs north to East Liverpool and south to Steubenville; Jefferson County Roads 42 and 46 run west to Ohio Route 213; Conrail freight rail line through city; two recreational boat marinas on Ohio River; grass strip private airfield.

Recreation: Besides a full range of athletics offered by the public and schools, the Municipal Pool and Recreation Facility is also available. Nearby Dyer Country Club and golf course, state parks, state forrests, a marina and the Ohio River provide ample opportunity for recreation; a full slate of youth programs, including t-ball, little league, girls softball, community basketball for elementary children, and legion baseball is available.

Professional Baseball, Football and Hockey is available in Pittsburgh. Wheeling has a semi-pro hockey team. Top-notch entertainment is offered weekly during warm weather, at Star-Lake Ampitheater, while Wheeling also offers the Capital Theater Music Hall and the world-famous Jamboree. The annual Jamboree-In-The-Hills is less than one hour by car.

Annual city events include the Festival of Arts, Halloween Parade, Christmas Parade, Farmer’s Market, Gem City Day and gazebo concerts.

Churches: The cultural diversity of Toronto residents extends to their religious activities. Churches representing most religions are available within the City.

Miscellaneous:Toronto is home to Timet, one of only two titanium producers in the world. Toronto High School’s Baseball Team won the State Championship in the 1997-98 school year, our High School Football team was OVAC Champs and went undefeated in the regular season for the 1997-98 school year.

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