Bob Motter, Class of 1960 was so kind as to submit this letter to Toronto in Focus regarding the many benefits of the Internet. Thank You Bob!

Toronto Ohio, through the web site Toronto In Focus, now has an electronic gateway to the world. Shouldn’t your business consider taking advantage of this opportunity? Next year, Internet sales are projected to be 5.4 billion dollars. What portion of that revenue will belong to your firm? Zero, unless you willing to let others know what you have to offer. And advertising on the Toronto In Focus web site offers your business that ability.

Your ad isn’t just seen by people in Toronto. It’s seen by literally thousands of former Torontoians scattered around the world. And they will shop their hometown first, because they trust the reputation Toronto merchants have established in providing quality products and dependable service.

If you were thinking that the product or service your firm provides wouldn’t sell outside the city limits, you’re probably thinking wrong. Think beyond your store shelves or the service your company performs. For example, a super market in Texas increased its net earnings by ten percent simply by creating a specialty meat mail order business, and a small plumbing contractor in North Dakota doubled his annual sales by offering nearly impossible to find and rebuilt antique bathroom and plumbing fixtures.

Internet advertising offers you the ability to increase revenue. It only requires a little imagination and effort. That’s something Toronto merchants have been doing, and doing well, for the last 100 plus years.

Talk to the Toronto In Focus advertising representative about what can work for your particular business, as well as your local banker about how e-Commerce and credit card sales via the Internet can increase sales for you.

Earn your part of the billions of dollars available through Internet sales. It all starts with an I.D.E.A.—imagination, dedication, effort and advertising.

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