Toronto Businesses

Submitted by Linda Boilegh

I too find it unusual that businesses do not want to help this site grow. But then, the one business you mention does not even participate in the page where people can save money at participating grocery stores. I usually take the time to go to Kroger’s or Big Bear because they participate in this program where by I can save money. In fact I take a lot of my business out of town except for the floral shop on Main Street and the dollar store for odds and ends. I tried to shop for whole house carpet last year in this town and because they did not know me they refused to wait on me. I had a friend with me and she and I waited for half an hour to be waited on and then I took my business to Wintersville. I do use a local heating contractor but other than that I find that I am waited on better in the other towns. This town needs to realize that new people want to move in and spend their money but if they are not made to feel welcome they will take their money elsewhere. I find your site enjoyable and hope you keep up the good work.

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