About the Cable

Submitted by Robert Wallmill

Well everyone keeps saying to get a dish. I have 4 t.v.’s and you need a box for everyone and they cost about 100 bucks or more a piece. So unless i want to watch what everyone in the house hold is watching which is why i have 4 t.v.’s. I know if i have 4 televisions i can afford a dish, but 2 are old and 1 was given to us. But thats not the point i pay for the so called cable it should work and that is the point so you grow up i pay for it, i should get it. and clear too the cable here SUCKS and thats not the half of it. get it together mr. Bates give us what we want. you say its cable guess again.I don’t know what it is but its not cable!!!!!!!!

Robert Wallmill

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