Another Dissatisfied Cable Subscriber

Submitted by Cathy Smurda – 1/20/00

I would like to complain about the WB network being removed from our cable system. No one even bothered to tell us. It just disappeared as of January 1st. When I called the cable office I was informed that they no longer had a contract with WB, but that Mr. Bates was still negotiating with them. No one wants the UPN. It does not carry any decent shows. You sent us a letter telling us our rates would go up and that you were adding three new channels, one of which is nothing but repeats. We don’t want to see repeats! Worthless!! Why didn’t you bother to tell us that the WB was going to be removed?
I suggest that you keep negotiating with the WB network and give your customers something they want FOR A CHANGE!!!

Cathy Smurda

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