Bring WB Back!

Submitted by Camille Miller – 02/13/00

Jefferson County Cable was rather deceptive in taking off WB and replacing it with UPN. When they raised cable rates and added three more channels, they sent a letter to announce these changes. Not a word was mentioned about the switch on channel 3. Instead, in an underhanded manner, they just slid the change in there (hoping no one would notice?). Is this because they knew there would be a big stink about it if they sent out a letter informing everyone of the move to replace WB with UPN?
The Christian cable station replacing WB offers very little variety. I often see the same people broadcasting out of the same TV studio for hours on end. To add insult to injury, a large part of their broadcast is to plead for donations. I find this offensive. My husband and I have both complained to the cable company about the switch but it falls on deaf ears.

I’m not sure how the cable company actually works (if anyone knows, I’d love to be informed), but I’m sure that the motive behind this move was to make a profit.

Toronto is a town largely devoted to raising children in a friendly atmosphere. WB is the only station to air the very popular Pokemon cartoons. Too bad, Toronto kids! Jefferson County Cable doesn’t care if they suck the fun out of a part of the day that our kids used to love. They just want our money.

Are these concerns big enough to warrant taking up a petition to get WB back? Would our city council have the ability to help Toronto residents get the cable company to give us WB back? Any feedback and suggestions would be welcome.

Camille Miller

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