Businessman? Not!

Submitted by Vickie Kutchmark – 3/30/00

In February, the owner of Fishbowl Pizza, DBA: Domino’s Pizza, 226 W. 6th St. E. Liverpool, left town, leaving employees to run his business, to our knowledge Mr. John A Roberts, owner, fired the office manager for no apparent reason. Leaving me, the Manager, to quit the same evening, a few days later, my ex-employees shut the shop down because not being able to contact the said owner. Upon a week later was our payroll ending, we recieved our checks 4 days late and he shorted EVERY employee’s wages. Most employee made between $5.50 and $5.75/hr. Nevertheless, we only had recieved $5.15/hr. Not to mention the said BONUSES, that we NEVER recieved. Not to mention the last 2 pay checks we recieved bounced and we were all stuck with paying back the money.

Is this the way that employees are to be treated, or am I totally missing something here???????

Oh, and if anyone see’s Mr. John Roberts, please we, his ex-employees wishes him well on the welfare line, or better yet, when he’s on his way to jail for fraud.

The reason for this letter is for no one to let your employer push you around, and make promises that he/she can’t keep.

We were all victimized by this said “BUSINESS MAN” and would not like to see him cheat anymore people than he already has. Thank you for taking time and reading what hell we were put through, we just hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else that comes in contact with that man.

And for those people that have tried to help us locate Mr. Roberts and the City of ELO for their help on what actions to take against Mr. Roberts, we thank you all for you help!!!

Just one last quick reminder, Mr. Roberts is not affiliated with any other Domino’s Pizza, other than the East Liverpool Location.

From the ex-crew of Fishbowl Pizza, DBA: Domino’s Pizza, in East Liverpool, OH
Vickie, David, Sue, Aaron, Bob, Chris, Dennis, Amy, Shawnia, Brian, Pat, and Jack

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