Cable Bad Everywhere

Submitted by Dan Jenkins – 7/18/00

I don’t care where you live the cable is bad! I made a post on here about a petition along time ago, and then I lost my system. But I am back, and I have read everyone’s messages and how much they HATE the cable company! Well from reading and now expierencing the cable of a few of the area Jefferson County Cable divisions I realized it’s all worth complaining about.

Let’s Start!
#1.) Now for those who live in the area that get’s the Reeseville version of Jefferson Count Cable(Empire, Stratton, Part of Knoxville, and Knox Township Road 246) you have twice as much to complain about than the Toronto and Pleasant Hills residents…. This is the worst cable around! Not only do they have aweful lines like Toronto, yet they always have interference from passing airplanes everyday! Then there’s the channels that constantly black out, and the fact there are so many channels that are multiple, how many WQED 13, stations do you need?! Is 4 or 5 maybe too many? What do you think….?

#2.) Well most of us all know about the branch that Toronto and Pleasant Hills has, it’s aweful it’s blantaly disgusting how we as customers are delivered cable and how the customer services of the cable company is constantly rude to us! Or the constant blackouts the constant static and the old old old lines that need replaced…..

Jefferson County Cable would possibly be alright, if we might have new lines and maybe everyone using Jefferson County Cable could be on the same divison also maybe if we had Cable connection to the Internet. You know what!? We should just get a whole new cable company in here! This is definatley aweful! Let’s just get a new company, we are always tired of bitching and moaning, we really need to have something done. There are 2000 customers plus, on the there system but we all have complaints! What would work would for all of us to disconnect our cable and saw the reactions of Marvin and David Bates, maybe that might help……..!?

Dan Jenkins 

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