Submitted by Lois Hughes – 2/11/00

I’ve been reading with interest the letters from unhappy cable-users in Toronto. Add one more to the list! We purchased a satellite dish a year ago, but have retained the cable for local channels only. The picture quality is so poor most of the time, we’re considering dropping it completely. Today I was reminded of the old days with the TV antennae, so much snow, interference, etc. And we only have to put up with channels 2-13. Such a shame that this is forced on the people of Toronto. The deletion of channel 22 is an outrage! The reference to a Jim and Tammy Fay channel is very accurate! This new channel must have been a real bargain for the cable company!
There was a time when the cable company did send material in the mail asking what viewers were interested in. Maybe those requests ended up in file 13? The recent addition of the 3 new channels is a big joke. Not knowing too much about the cable business, I have to wonder if the cable is making a little extra money with these additions, instead of offering subscribers what they really want, which is good quality viewing and as a special bonus, a good, clear picture! I can’t wait til my satellite company offers me local channels. I’ll be happy to pay my last cable bill!

Lois Hughes

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