Cable Company Respond? Yea Right!

Submitted by Sally Martelle – 3/2/00

Ya know if they dont care enough to make the service acceptable to the public or listen to complaints from their customers about how horrible the cable service is. They are not going to respond to a letter on the internet or in snail mail.
When ya corner the market in Cable here in Toronto and you dont allow your residence a choice of what type of company you want then you are keeping the competitor out and you have alot of unhappy customers.

Isn’t there a law out there that says you cannot keep competitors out and that you have the right to choose? doesn’t this come under some kind of civil rights amendment? I am not a law maker so I have not a clue about the laws of communication.

I know I know I am reaching here but geesh I want a new cable company. If the Town of Toronto doesn’t do something everyone in town will own Satellite dishes (there coming down in price) and no one will even remotely give a flying hoot if we get cable in here or not.

Oh yeah and here is a clue There are alot of disgruntled T -towners out there and they have probably complained only for it to go on deaf ears.

Now here’s an idea. :-) We should just cancel our cable and watch the snow on the TV because that is what we are paying for now and gosh darn it I can get that for free :-) The person who owns the company is stealing oh I mean making a bundle off of us all and what are we getting in return? crappy cable, snow, double vision and no cable alot of the time. We all know our men need their fix of sports each week. :-)

And your cable committee is allowing this? and here I thought the Cable Company was a free enterprise to do as they wish when they wish. Aren’t there clauses in the agreement that says something to the fact we should get good service for our money? apparently not.

Council if ya have a say in the quality of Cable I suggest you get to it! Change your mind about who ya want in here and go outside the city. If the company is not doing its job by keeping the service acceptable then he foreone is breaking his clauses? Agreement?? Or am I wrong here Oh wait I am reaching so there isn’t any right or wrong here just speculation.

Hometown proud we are but not of our Cable or our cable company.

Sally Martelle

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