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Submitted by Daniel Jenkins – 2/19/00

I am interested instarting a petition to actually get something done about the cable, so I’d like you to post this letter…………..
I see and read numerous letters from many Toronto citizens whinning and complaining about how aweful our service is. And one thing to add, it’s a lot worse up on the hill in Warren Ridge!Well back to what i wrote for… Have any of you thought about doing something about it? Well i have and it’s my job to bring a better cable system into the area, TCI. Well it’s going to be me, who brings this to the area. Well before I can even start this online and door-to-door petition I’m going to need the help of others, others who want to make this possible and help me gather paper work, so Toronto can get TCI. Otherwise you all can go on and on and on and well on again about how terrible our cable system is. Unless you are committed don’t complain, but otherwise, E-Mail and please please support this cause! There is twqo choices, ask Jefferson County Cable for better stations that the community asks for, or call for TCI to come into the area, just think your paying $24 – $26 a month on a cable system that dosen’t even interest you, or pay around the same amount for a decent cable system. IT’S YOUR CHOICE!!!!!

But I’d like to do a little complaining of my own, the cable programming that the Warren Ridge area has, well at least the back half on Ruyon Road and back is a lot worse than what the inner city get’s terribly organized and has multiple channells of the same PBS programming and that GOD aweful Chrisitian station that along with the PBS spend most of there time begging for money, it’s not what we want, it’s not what we pay for, we pay for good programming not this crap, and something needs to happen. It’s time we did something………..

Daniel Jenkins 

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