City Government

August 30, 2000

To whom it may concern:

I am a citizen of Toronto, have been a citizen for quite some time. At present I am retired. However,being retired doesn’t mean that I can’t voice my opinion. After reading these letters from other citizens and the squandering that’s going on, I am disappointed at the whole system of Toronto’ s government. The purpose of our City Government is for improvision. I can see that this isn’t being accomplished. To much bickering among the council and concerned citizen. I’ve talked with Mr. Coppa and I’ve talked with other citizens about Toronto. I beleive that Mr. Coppa is correct about most of his topics and beliefs. I don’t think the other councilpersons want to hear what Mr. Coppa has to say. Some say he’s to loud and he’s always asking questions concerning Toronto’s government. This might be true, but how in the world are you going to resolve anything if you don’t bring the problem to the floor .Somebody is hiding something, or else there wouldn’t be any bickering. How else can you resolve a matter if you don’t bring it to the floor of the council meeting. Also, another person I know attends council quite regularly and he has been told to be quiet. I feel if Toronto is going to prosper, then take everbody’s gripes and bitches and act on them instead of putting them under the table. When you are elected to a position the voters are hoping you do your best for Toronto. This is why you got the votes. Your jobs are a serious matter for Toronto’s government. My opinion,if your in the city government for the money then you’re in it for the wrong reason. Go elsewhere. We have since the youth harbor have had nothing for the kids and teenagers in Toronto. Also, now that I’m a senior citizen, I wouldn’t mind if there was a place for the people of Toronto to walk, so they don’t have to breathe the exaust from cars and truck’s along our streets. I’m sure a request like that shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. Or is it?

A long time residence
Walter Fullerton

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