Complaints and Concerns Voiced

Submitted by Peggy Mellott – 3/2/00

This is a letter to the great citizens, of our lovely city, Toronto. I am Peggy Mellott. I am very honored to have been nominated for Democrat: Council-At-Large, this past election… I was thrilled beyond belief that so many citizens braved the extreme, nasty weather and went out and voted! I thank all of you! I am very honored as I had received 787 votes!! This was my first time running and I was up against 3 incumbents! I thank all of you from my heart! I have learned a lot since this past election. I will be running next election for a city council position. I will stand true to the issues that I stood for, before from our youth to our seniors and everyone else in between. I love our city and will do all that I can for safety, improvements, allocations, progress and beautification.
As you know, I was defeated in the past election. However, I work in sales in a public office, therefore talking to towns people, everyday. I still hear voiced complaints and concerns regarding our city… To summarize a small list: deplorable alleys and streets, poor cable reception, cable rate increases, non-preferred channels, cable outages, also; a safety issue: Third and Fourth Streets which are one way need WRONG WAY on the pavement, not just small post signs, concerns of youth and seniors, complaints regarding stray dogs and cats, abandoned properties and eye sores, etc. I do attend most all city council meetings. I am not a city council member yet. Therefore, the best advice that I can give to you is to contact an accessible Council person, ou Ward or council at large, I can direct you and assist you to whom you may need to contact. I respect your opinions and I am glad to continue to discuss your concerns. I do keep versed and informed. Next election I do hope to be seated in a city council position and then I will be able to do more for you and our lovely city.

The largest complaint that I had heard is stemmed from a comment from councilman Tom “Toot” Wilson… he stated, “City government is more than carrying a lunch box to work!” I was reminded by one city resident that the tax payers ARE the ones who carry their lunch boxes to work! The overwhelming response was that these towns people felt very belittled and slammed by this thoughtless remark. (I must be really “poor folk” as I carry my lunch to work in a brown paper bag!!) It is also the opinion of some of the poeple that “Toot” seems to on on some sort of an “Ego trip”… It seems that “Toot” speaks out at the city council meetings with others ideas, words, research and works, none of his own original ideas. I have been asked if “Toot” likes to see his name in the newspaper… I cannot answer that, only “Toot” can. So, I suggest that you address your questions to him.

Repectively Yours,
Peggy Mellott

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