Congratulations Nate Walker
Submitted by Tim Wilson

Hello to all the sports fans in the City of Toronto,

My name is Tim Wilson, I am a 1983 graduate of Toronto High School and a proud citizen of Toronto. I would like to Congratulate an outstanding young man for all that he has shown us on and off the field. His name is Nate Walker. I have known Nate and his family all of my life, and I can honestly say that he is one of the finest student athletes that you will ever meet. For 17 years I can say that I was very proud to hold the record in Football for over 4,000 career rushing yards.

On Saturday the 25th of September, the boy that I saw grow up, and the greatest running back that I ever saw in High School Football broke that record of mine. Words could never say how proud I am of Nate to accomplish that goal, it couldn’t have been done by a more deserving young man.

Nate, Thank You for all the memories that you have given us, and always remember in life to “DREAM BIG AND DARE TO FAIL” and just be who you are and God will reward you for that. Good luck to you and all your teammates for the rest of the season.

Tim Wilson

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