Dennis Way….. Daytona?
Submitted by Cleo

And they’re off!!! School started Tuesday and the races have begun. Dennis Way is the official site of “let’s see who can get to the schools the fastest!”

Every morning I sit on my back porch and watch the mommies and daddies race their kiddies to school. Utterly ridiculous! First of all, what ever happened to kids walking to school when they only have a few blocks to go. There are many back streets to the schools where the kids can walk safely. Maybe it’s a “90’s” thing, driving Susie and Tommy, and waving to all the other mommies and daddies, as we happily get rid of the kids for the day.

Unfortunately there is no sidewalk the entire stretch of Dennis Way. Only at Wentworth can one safely walk along Dennis Way. So many of these school cabs don’t even care if they see someone walking, (facing traffic.) Common sense would tell me, “hey there’s someone walking towards me, slow down a bit, especially if there is an oncoming car approaching me. But, nooooo, these rum-dums don’t slow down, don’t move a bit over for a pedestrian, they just proceed with the pedal down. How’s come???? These same people are the first to complain about speeders in the summertime maybe causing danger to their children playing outside.

Years ago, the Toronto police cited many speeders along Dennis Way. They sat around the old Napa or the present Domino’s. only to be criticized for being overly ambitious. One resident of Dennis Way even gave a story to a local newspaper about the dangerous situation, and he was called a nut.

I hated to see school start again because of this situation. I would gladly invite the police to sit in my driveway and play road-runner. They could make enough money in one morning to buy the entire town donuts!

Come on folks, there are people who live along this stretch of road, and we like to be safe also.

17year resident of Federal St.

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