Dissatisfied Cable Subscriber

Submitted by Sarah Smurda – 1/20/00

Last week I went to watch one of the many good programs on the WB channel and I realized that the channel was replaced with UPN. To my dissatisfation, I was not notified of this change nor was I given any kind of opportunity to voice my opinion about the change. So I called the cable office and the woman who answered did not really say too much nor seem to care what I, as a paying customer, had to say.
In my spare time I enjoyed watching this family channel. There were some excellent programs on the WB channel and I am very disappointed that it has been removed. The programs themselves dealt with everyday issues and problems of today’s society and aimed to address solutions for these issues and problem. The WB was also just a great form of entertainment at the same time.

As a paying customer, I feel I have the right to voice my opinion and over all I am unsatisfied with the recent decision of the local cable company, which is the only cable company offered to Toronto residents.

Sarah Smurda

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