Enough is Enough

September 21, 2000

Let’s think about this, first of all, for YEARS girls have been getting pregnant while they were still in high school, and teens doing drugs and abusing alcohol. It doesn’t matter WHICH school you go to, Toronto, Edison, Big Red, Indian Creek, they all have seen each and every one of these problems and have dealt with them time and time again. Bullies and trouble makers are in every school , what makes the difference if you switch schools?? There is none!! The mother that is outraged isn’t talking about every kid that goes to Toronto, just the ones (MOSTLY) that had problems with her daughter. And by the way, did ya ever think that your daughter did something to them to make them retalliate the way they did?? There has got to be a reason and you told us your side, but I suppose that the other girls’ doesn’t count??? There is something wrong with this picture, or I am just not seeing it maybe. So don’t just go putting blame on those other girls that beat up your daughter. Or maybe you need to TEACH HER some self-defense?? Kids have a tendancy to run their mouths, (ADULTS TOO!) and then don’t understand why they get themselves into a mess!! Oh, and you THINK EDISON is any better, they have DRUGS and DRINKING and SEX there also, unless your daughter “hangs” with the “good” kids ( GOOL LUCK FINDING EM!!), but you will always run the risk of her STILL comming home with black eyes again! Or with a VD, pregnant or hooked on drugs and smoking. As much as parents worry about who their kids are with and what they are doing, t wouldn’t suprise me in the least if you should start screening your children’s friends. Kids are going to fight NO MATTER where you go to school!!!! So keep that in mind!!

Vickie Kutchmark

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