Great Sportsmanship

Submitted by Jason Ray
November 21, 2000

First, let me say congrats to the football team, band, and cheerleaders, for their outstanding seasons so far. Now, i had the opportunity of witnessing the monumental playoff game between toronto and beallsville last friday night and it was one of the most hard fought games that i can remember. What will last in my mind for years to come was the sportsmanship that was showed by the toronto players, coaching staff, and fans after the ballgame. As I was standing there, an obviously heartbroken and devastated beallsville team came off of the field and up the ramp towards their locker room. What I saw was toronto fans applauding beallsvilles’ efforts and giving them words of encouragement and patting them on the back. Even when the toronto team came off of the field and up the ramp, there was no gloating or cockiness from one player. That is a real tribute to coach morris and his staff and their players. This just goes to show what great lengths the red knight fans, players, and coaches will go to show that toronto has a top notch program and why it deserves the respect of others. i work for the crestview local school district in columbiana county, and i made it a point to tell their students and staff alike just how impressed i was by these actions, and that coach morris, his staff, players, and fans, are deserving of this praise. GOOD LUCK IN WEEK 2!!!!! GO RED KNIGHTS!!!!!

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