Growing Up in Toronto

Submitted by Bret Roy – 5-18-00

I didn’t have an opportunity to “Grow Up” in Toronto … I wish I had! I moved there the middle of my Junior year in High School. Immediately I was accepted into the community with open arms. I had not “Grown up” in a community where everyone knew each other and the kids could walk the streets after dark without fear of getting jumped. Toronto was a welcome change for me. One thing that has stuck with me all these years is the way we used to sing the school’s alma mater in high school and say the Pledge of Allegience before every assembly. I hope they still do that! I would hate to think they dont. I graduated from THS in 1979, have been a United States Marine for 17 years now, and have seen the world a couple times over. I have seen whole families living in cinder block houses with no water, electricity, windows, etc … and people living in grass huts. I have went into countries where the people were starving but afraid to go into town for food for fear of being shot because they weren’t of the right ethnic race. Hasn’t been all a pretty sight! But alot of the reason I have been so successful in The United States Marine Corps, is due to the way I was treated in Toronto, and the values and beliefs that were instilled in me at THS. I would love for my kids to be a part of the small town atmosphere I had the priviledge to be a part of in my years at Toronto. There’s a saying I use when talking to my Marines about their problems or complaints. It’s easy to complain about things and identify how messed up you believe things to be … so what’s your solution to fix it? If you’re not a part of the solution … you are a part of the problem. For me … my memories of Toronto will all be fond ones! Thank you Toronto for allowing me to be a part of your community for the few years I had (1977-1980). Beleive me … it’s not all that bad!

Semper Fidelis … Gunnery Sergeant Bret L. Roy, THS, class of 1979.

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