Haunted Toronto, Ohio

Submitted by Ryan Polack  - 4/25/00


My name is Ryan Polack, and I currently live in Toronto, OH. Recently, I visited your Web site, Toronto In Focus, and I really enjoyed the section on the history of the city. It was interesting to read about how Toronto got its start and how it has developed through the years.

I was hoping you can help me expand upon a story I have been hearing about a building in Toronto. I have heard numerous times that an apartment building at the corner of Main and Third being haunted. I have even made friends with some of the building’s past tenants, and they swear the same. Strange, unexplainable things have happened to them and the other people living in the building. Some of the tenants have even seen the apparition of a woman in the rooms.

I have heard that T.M. Daniels built the building in 1890 so his four daughters could move from the country to the thriving metropolis of Toronto. They were to have their own shops on the first floor, their own apartments on the second floor, and the third floor would eventually be developed into a large living space for Daniels and his wife. His wife desperately wanted to move to the exciting city, but before they could finish their living quarters, she passed away. Since her passion for the city was so strong, it is believed that it is Daniels’ wife’s apparition that walks the halls of that apartment building still today.

I was just wondering if you have any information or have heard any other stories about this same building. I have a great interest in the paranormal. Any information you can supply would be greatly appreciated.

Ryan Polack

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