Hello From Toronto, Canada
Submitted by Christine Cushing

It was just by chance that I came across your web site, and was delighted. I have very fond memories as a teenager of visiting with my family to friends in Toronto, Ohio. My father was a barbershopper and editor of the Toronto, Canada bulletin. He received a copy of the bulletin from Toronto, Ohio and decided it would be kind of neat to get the two Toronto Chapters together. We met in Erie, a good half-way point. It was the beginning of a long, happy friendship and full of tremendous memories. I am especially pleased to remember the Deku family (Margaret made the most wonderful peanut butter and chocolate dessert squares that have become the favourites for our family get togethers). The Ohio men would come up to fish near Peterborough, Ontario, and we would often head down to Ohio for visits, and share many, many laughs. I remember Bernard (“Bing” to us) taking us on a tour of the steel mill – fascinating. A lot of love was shared between our two cities – as a matter of fact, when my father passed away, our family sent a book in his memory for your library, I believe it was called “Between Friends”. That was back in 1979, so it’s not likely to be there anymore. Nonetheless, the friendship remains and the love for your wonderful city. It was very nice to visit your web site, and have these heartfelt memories come flooding back.

Christine Cushing
(daughter of Al & Jean)

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