In Response to Ron Gray

Submitted by Arlene Hudok

This is my first visit to the Toronto website and I am not an accomplished ‘net surfer! I read Mr Gray’s letter about Toronto not having enough for kids. Since when is it the town’s responsibility to raise and entertain children??? The usual blame someone of our society is sickening! I moved to Toronto 19 years ago from a “bigger and better place” called San Diego. There is lots for children to do there…bullets to dodge, knives to duck, smog to breathe, etc.etc. I am a foster parent, I host exchange students and have had other children live in my home. I never once whined about the city caring for my kids. They are my responsibility. Mr Gray also mentions Youth Harbor. It is my understanding that Youth Harbor was closed BECAUSE THE KIDS WERE DESTROYING IT. Freebies are seldom, if ever appreciated. Look at our welfare mess. I am very proud to live in Toronto.

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