Dear Editor:

Welfare fraud is against the law and cannot be tolerated but I get a feeling of emptiness when I see the Jefferson County Prosecutor and his Jobs and Family Services Executive Director do high fives while announcing their efforts to recover $53,000 from poor people to be among the best in the State. These two individuals draw a combined taxpayer funded salary/benefits package of $250,000. The amount recovered will barely pay health insurance for five county employees. Nothing here to write home about.

On the more serious matter however, Mr. Felmet refuses to assign one of his ten assistants to investigate Jefferson County’s ability to hide an $8,000,000 health insurance debt in its budget. I guess that would be politically incorrect, Jefferson County style.

Then there’s the matter of our double dipping Judge suing the Jefferson County Commissioners for more money. Their response: hire the original double dipper to defend them for a mere $120 an hour while laying off their janitor and others for lack of money.

We then went national when Jay Leno called two Congressmen (one local) pinheads for their “Freedom Fries” Press Release.

April Fool’s Day is early this year.

God Bless the troops, God Bless America and God help the Ohio Valley.

Jerry W. Krupinski

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