Just Checking in on T-town

Submitted by Cori Higgs
November 18, 2000

Hey! Okay, I went to Toronto schools from 1st to 8th grade. I really liked the town and how all of the people were close. I was just reading some of the past letters and decided to add in my thoughts. I am now a freshman at Linsly. I left Toronto for many reasons, and some I can’t even explain. I left because I felt I could be more challenged academically, that I could find people with a closer bond, and a place with more to do. I admit that I do miss this town and all of the people I knew in it, but the school didn’t have enough activities to be involved in and there was a lot of fighting and grouping among the kids. I don’t really know what all has been going on, but i can just tell that something has been changing the town into enemies. I’ve learned just to accept people and try to get along with them no matter what, and to keep kids busy and out of trouble, they do need a place to get away, even with supervision and off of the streets. Kids are a little more lazy these days and less creative, so they need some suggestions and things out there for them to do. This way they can also be watched safely. I believe that I made the right choice to leave, but for many, t-town is a great place, and I will always come back to visit it. So, I just ask that people think from all views, and I wanted to say hey to all those people out there that I miss so much. I hope you all are doing great.

Cori Higgs

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