No More Cable

Submitted by Nikki A. Cable – 4/26/00

After reading the long list of letters regarding the Jefferson County Cable’s poor service, I would like to make another comment. I, too, could not believe the horrible reception I got, the poor selection of programming, and the inability of the cable company to give their subscribers a more appealing program line up.

After months of total frustration with the horrible reception, etc. I finally got my dish. It is one of the best investments that I ever made AND I also bought an antenna so that I could finally sever all ties with the cable company.

One of the letters I read mentioned the great reception you get on a dish and it’s true!!! I thought I needed a new tv because of the poor picture quality, but now that I have a dish, it’s like watching a new tv. What an amazing difference!! All that time, it was because of the lousy reception on cable.

That’s how I solved our dilemma; I suggest Toronto residents get a petition going as someone mentioned in one of their letters and do something about it. Good luck!

Nikki A. Cable A former cable subscriber

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