Reply to Complaints and Concerns

Submitted by Edward Yanik Jr. – 3/14/00

This letter is in reply to a recent statement made by Peggy Mellott about Councilman Tom “toot” Wilson. Peggy stated in her letter ” Complaints And Concerns Voiced” that Councilman “Toot” Wilson had “Belittled and Slammed” the tax payers and citizens of Toronto. I do not feel that what “Toot” said was a slam at all, but then of course I understood the message that “Toot” was trying to get across. To help “Clarify” things for you Peggy — I believe the message “Toot” was trying to get across is that “City Government is not a 9 to 5 Job, but a 24 hr a day, 7 days a week Job”. The city just doesn’t cease to operate on the Back Shifts it operates 24-7, if you understand what I mean. I do not think “Toot” is on an “Ego Trip” (as you put it) but more like a “Reality Trip”. The people that are in charge of our City Government just don’t go home after work, eat dinner, watch tv and wait for the city to open back up in the morning. If that is what you think, you are living in quite a shell. Peggy, you say that “Toot” uses others ideas, words and research — I don’t believe this to be true either, maybe the next time you write a letter, you should do a little more research of your own. This would prevent you from misunderstanding the statements of others in the future. Thank You
By the way, I am a Toronto Tax payer and Citizen — I carry my lunch in a brown bag too….. I don’t really think that classifies us as “Poor Folk”

Respectfully Yours,
Ed Yanik Jr.

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