Reply to Complaints and Concerns Voiced

Submitted by Terry Wolter – 3/14/00

Of all the issues in running a small town government I find it hard to believe the largest complaint would stem from a comment from a councilman like Toot Wilson. What I read in the letter suggested “that these towns people felt belittled and slammed” by his statement. Considering the fact that this councilman has been a resident of Toronto his entire life and never worked anywhere but in Toronto as a business owner and as an employee of Toronto businesses it seems hard for me to believe he would say anything to belittle or slam these towns people. It seems to me he IS one of these towns people.
Also it seems to me that speaking out at council meetings with others ideas and words is a definite part of what being a council member is about. That’s why I helped elect Toot to the council. So I could have my opinions and suggestions heard and expressed to the council.

Finally I’d like to agree with Peggy on the point that if someone has a question for Toot they should ask him. I’ve found this approach works quite well and have never had a problem finding or talking with Toot here in Toronto. As a matter of fact I think he’s probably working in Toronto tonight. And if you can’t find Toot you could ask one of his sons or his daughter. Of the four kids he has three who live in Toronto and two that work in Toronto and one that works for the State of Ohio. By the way you could ask me too since I married into this family and am proud to now call Toronto my home. Sure sounds like towns people to me.

Terry Wolter

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