Reply to Mrs. Tucker



My name is Jenny Dunlap and I go to KMS. When I am at school I do learn things and I saw the fight in school. I thought it was wrong of the other girl to do that but, still I heard what both of the girls said to each other and I know they brought it upon themselves and I don’t think the girls espceially have a problem with fighting because after your daughter left we haven’t had any problems but, I still like your daughter and I have never said anything about her.

Before I forget I don’t think that was right to say things about our parents and say that we are going to be gay or pregnant, or on drugs because you said yourself people should keep out of things like family problems and that is a family problem if the kids do things like that so I don’t think that was right but you are intitled to your own opinion and you can say that but it wasn’t right.

Jenny Dunlap

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