Respnse to “Grow Up Toronto”

Submitted by Linda Boilegh 3/28/00

Those of us who have complained about the cable must have stepped on some toes. I for one have complained about the cable and I definately pay for the lousy service they supply. If the cable company thinks that some one is cheating them why don’t they run the lines and find the cheaters. I remember when we lived in our mobile home that I reported cable trouble for 6 months and they kept telling me it was my television. I finally got disgusted and started to look around and noticed that my neighbor was tapped into my line. When I reported it and ask that they be disconnected I was asked why? After all they could not afford to pay and since my husband and I worked the cable company and the person using it felt that they should not have to pay. I had to be persistant to have the disconnection made. I have noticed that sometimes people are left on if they know someone who works for the cable company. I would gladly change cable service if there was another one around. My other complaint is that you can complain to the PUCO for other utilities and the cable company should be the same. I noticed that the cable company had no trouble asking people to pay something extra to help the less fortunate have cable service. My feeling is if a person wants cable they should pay for it and not someone else. Hope that this situation can be solved in the near future.

Linda Boilegh

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