Response from “GROW UP TORONTO” Author

Submitted by Vickie Kutchmark – 4/25/00

I was reading one of the posted letters about the truckers parking on Old Rt. 7. Lady, you have a big problem if you can’t read signs right!! The sign for the weight limit is BEFORE you enter Toronto City limits. What is the big deal if they park their trucks there?? First of all, I travel that road MANY times a day, and I rarely see a truck comming through Toronto to park there, they come off the Empire exit. Second of all, alot of people bash TRUCKERS, and t pisses me off to no end. Third of all, this is someone’s career, and residents of Toronto who pay taxes and have the RIGHT to be able to park there. Put yourself in a truckers shoes, and you WILL find that it is a VERY HARD JOB. They do more than just drive these huge trucks! My father was a truck driver for over 15 years. Putting in countless hours of hauling steel to factories TO BUILD YOUR CAR/TRUCKS. Hauling LUMBER TO BUILD YOUR HOMES! Do I have to go on?? Everything you own has been on a tracor trailer and least once. If it wasn’t for truck drivers we wouldn’t have shit!!!! It isn’t hurting ANYONE when they park down there, so quit your belly aching and worry about something else more construcive!!

Vickie Kutchmark

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