Response to Bob Stagani’s Letter

Submitted by 4th Ward Councilman Larry Coppa – 2/7/00

Feb. 5, 2000 In response to Mr. Stagani’s letter, I would like to say that you should have complained to Council in 1997, before they passed Ordinance 1997-48. On Oct. 27, 1997, Council authorized a 15 year television cable franchise RENEWAL to the Jefferson County Cable Company. Since Councilman Tom Yanik is chairman of the Cable Committee, and I am now a member of this committee, I will tell him about your complaint. Concerning what you call my CRAZY list of 39 problem areas in the 4th Ward, 28 of these problems were told to me by the people in the 4th Ward. Also, after doing my own research, I added 11 more projects. When did it become CRAZY to correct problems in a city in order that CHILDREN, as well as ADULTS, can live in a SAFER environment ? 15 out of the 39 problem areas have to do with making the City of Toronto SAFER for our CHILDREN and ADULTS. What is CRAZY about fixing our streets, alleys, sewers, and cleaning the city ? I agree that Mayor Wilson is a very good Mayor, and he is doing a great job. He has told me that he and his Service Director Bob Guydosh, and Safety Director Tom Graham will work on 30 of these problem areas. The other 9 need to go to committees of council. One committee has already approved one of the 9 projects.

Larry Coppa
4th Ward Councilman

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