Response to “GROW UP TORONTO”

Submitted by Howard Mallorey – 4/13/00

As a former resident of Toronto I understand everyone’s displeasure with the cable situation. It’s amazing that this controversy is still an issue over ten years later? Face it, the city in general is falling apart around you. I would think issues of blight, streets, water, sewers, electric, and gas are more important than bickering over cable. Cable was a innovation of the past gone the way of the telegraph. It’s no longer cost efficient or can provide the services available with today’s technology. Get a dish and you’ll be pleased with the difference. You aren’t still listening to 8-track tapes, are you? Just as the cellular phone was the hi-tech idea of the 80’s in upcoming years digital technology will make common what we all view as science fiction today. Where would Toronto and the world be today if your parents and grandparents hadn’t recognized the potential of titanium, the sci-fi metal of the 50’s? Toronto once known worldwide as a leader in technology is now consumed with holding on to its preciuous cable? Maybe it is time to GROW UP TORONTO.

Howard Mallorey

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