Response to “GROW UP TORONTO”

Submitted by Kelly Eltringham – 4/04/00

I think that we have a right a paying customers to complain if we do not feel that a good service is being provided. Do we complain if we pay for food any we are not happy with it? Yes. Then why shouldn’t we about our cable company. Yes I agree they can’t not carry everything that everyone wants, but don’t take away channels that a lot of people watch. The WB network has a lot of highly rated shows. Would they get rid of NBC? We not only complain about the programming, we complain of the horrible reception we get. Do you like watching your t.v. through lines and snow? I also think that people should get dishes maybe if the cable company lost money they would start doing something about the quality of the cable. I do have a dish, but unfortunately still have to get basic cable to get the major networks. I will tell you that I can not wait to get an antennae that will pick up the networks so I can cancel this cable for good. Why should we grow up when all we want is good quality?

Kelly Eltringham

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