Response to KMS Letter

By Jackie C. Kelly
October 26, 2000


my name is jackie kelly and i also attend karaffa middle school and i am also a 8th grader. i agree with deanna we the youth deserve a place where we can hang out. i think if we had one of these places we would not get into so much trouble and things would be different here in toronto. and we do pay to get into these dances. we pay for these things but what r u guys doing with it?? i don’t see it going any where? atleast for our benefit! i think we should have a place where we can go and just plain out have fun! like i said i don’t think that there would be that much fighting any more and it would get some people off the streets….and one thing that we do have to go to and do something is all the way in follansbee…its called the loft. Its hard to get out there and back,but we do what we can to have fun somewhere. yes u don’t like us hanging out at convenient and the dairy owl but where else is there to go unless u wanna go have a dumb old time with your parents! i mean sometimes we the youth wanna get out of our houses..and just have fun with our friends!

Thank you for letting me speak in what i have to say,
Jackie C. Kelly

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