Response to KMS Letter

Submitted by Nicole Sneathen – 6/6/00

I am writing this letter because of the toronto kms letter i’m sorry you feel that way about toronto but your making a mistake yes there are bad kids in toronto and bad parents but they are in every town……..and you need to take your own advise and not pass judgement on people or the whole town just because your daughter got beat up by one bad child i am truely happy if your daughter is doing well in edison but i hate to tell you IT IS the same there as it is in toronto. You are doing just what you are telling those people not to do and it is true what comes around goes around and edison kids are not saints either i hate to tell you the over doses and the getting knock up and everything esle just the same as toronto kids and they have rumors it just takes a little longer to get them around because they are in the country more yard space between houses again i am sorry your child had the trouble but it is everywhere so Dont just say it is TORONTO because its not there are good people here and great kids and in your letter all you said was how bad the people in toronto are i have a question for you dont you live here or at least you did.

Nicole Sneathen

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