Response to Miclea/ Fullerton Letters

September 21, 2000

I appreciate the financial information about the city of Toronto that Mr. Miclea provided in his letter. I wish that I understood more about the financial workings of our city government and am glad Mr. Miclea could explain it clearly in his letter how some of it works. I also appreciate his continuing to attend council meetings, even when it takes years for someone to actually ACT on the suggestion that money be better invested in order to make more money for the city.

As for Mayor Wilson, from what I read in the Herald Star, it appears that he’s doing a thorough and effective job in his role as mayor. I’m glad that letters are written to Toronto In Focus to provide additional insight to what is going on at city council meetings.

As for Mr. Fullerton’s letter, I have to agree with him when he says that “somebody is hiding something, or else there wouldn’t be any bickering” referring to city council meetings. The bickering does come across as suspicious in nature and if you’re doing your job honestly, you will not question being questioned.

Any coucilmember who has been elected more than once needs to be openminded about what ideas and solutions newly elected members are going to bring to the meetings. If they cannot adjust to that, and have the opinion “that’s not the way we do it” then perhaps it is time to hang up the old council shoes. If a councilmember has trouble dealing with unpleasant or uncomfortable subjects at council meetings, they should think about whether or not they’re cut out for the job.

Lastly, I’d like to say to these 2 men, thanks for writing these letters and getting your point across without being mean-spirited about it. It does show some class. I cringe when I read some of these letters on this website because they can be rather nasty in nature, although I realize that it can be cathartic to type out frustrations on a keyboard. And it would never keep me from reading these letters!!!! :-)

Camille Miller

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