Response to Mrs. Tucker’s Letter

August 30, 2000

Hello, my name is Adam McCoy, I’m currently a junior in THS, and am on the varsity footabll team. After reading ur comments Mrs. Tucker, I feel u are incorrect in some of ur statements regarding teenagers. U said, “It’s not one bad kid that’s the problem…there are many. There is a vicious, mean spirit throughout the middle and high schools, almost like gangs”, and ur right its not one kid, but its not many, a few kids do dammage to the good ones. And yes, like all kids, I do sometimes pick on people, but not without reason. I dont go down the hall and randomly choose someone to pick on, and neither does anyone else. U make ur daughter look like a angel that never did anything wrong.

U also state “She gave it up because of the snobby way girls treated one another (which I believe they learn from their parents). Sarah was told that if she didn’t “drop” so-and-so and quit hanging around with so-and-so she couldn’t associate with them.” My parents let me make mistakes, and let me learn, my parents dont tell me to quit hanging out with people. And i think so far ive turned out pretty good, 11th im my class, varsity football and track, i dont drink, smoke or do any drugs.

And u also state”, She is lightyears ahead of some of these girls in maturity, and when it comes time for her to go to college or work, the real world, she will be aquainted with people of all walks of life. So, PEOPLE-IN-TORONTO-WHO-DO-NOT-MIND-YOUR-OWN-BUSINESS, be careful about judging one another. It might be your child who is someday walking down the street pregnant, with AIDS, gay, on drugs or anything else you or your children accuse my child or anybody else’s of. What goes around comes around, or, in other words, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (Mt. 7.1-2)”, with this last statement u judge people, the very u thing are complaining about.

Ur trying to tell me and everyone else that they ripped ur daughter’s hair out for the fun of it, i dont think so.

Anybody that reads this, please express any thoughts u have on this matter.

Adam Mccoy

ALL comments in quotations (“”) were taking directly from Mrs. Tuckers prevous statements at TIF.

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