Response to Mrs. Tucker’s Letter

Submitted by Deanna Foster
October 8, 2000


my name is deanna foster and i attend kms in toronto.i read mrs.tucker’s letter and jenny dunlap’s response to that letter. i feel the same as jenny not all kids in toronto are trouble makers.and the one’s that are, are mainly like that because of parental guidence! they look up to their parents. if their parents fight:they fight.i’m not saying that’s the case all the time, but it is most of the time.i have a 4.0 grade point adverage and i intend to keep it that way.i do not drink or do drugs. i have a very good social life too.

now mrs.tucker you don’t know everything that goes on in your daughters life.because we at kms last year knew what went on with sarah. and a few of things, not all, but a few of the things you would not be proud of!!

in conclusion i would just like to say that” you can’t judge teenagers unless you are one!”

deanna foster

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