Response to “Our City Gov’t…”

Submitted by Craig Rawson – 11/28/99

I read your article, that was submitted on September 15th, on the Toronto in Focus web site, and I just wanted to say that I thought it was a great article. I feel, “we the people” should start getting more involved, so I attended the Council Meeting tonight. I didn’t say anything. I just listened, took some notes, and watched this man named Larry Coppa, ask Council some hard questions and they were struggling for answers. I too, have been inspired by Mr. Coppa. I believe he is going to make a difference in our town, come January, when he begins his Council term. I believe, he has already made a difference in Toronto. I hope more people will get involved, and start making politicians accountable for their actions and decisions. We have sat on the sidelines, in the dark, long enough. If our tax dollars are being wasted, which is definately the case, we as citizens have every right to call them out on the carpet and demand an answer.
The next Council Meeting is Monday, December 13th, at 7:00 P.M. Hope to see everybody there.

Craig Rawson

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