Response to Recent Letters

Submitted by Peggy Mellott – 3/28/00

To recent responses… First, to Mr. Terry Wolter, as you my have found my statements “hard to believe”, I did, in fact state facts. I was present at the time of the statement by Mr. Toot Wilson. I was not the only person to interpret the statement in the manner in which it was stated. Therefore, allow me to point out that interpretation of Toot’s statement has little to do with your researching suggestion. What was said, was said! I was present at that time.
Words are not like a pair of shoes that you buy and you simply take them back due to ill fitting…

Another comment made by Mr. Toot Wilson, directed to Mr. Larry Coppa, (now, 4th Ward Councilman), was “Just wait until you are on the other side of this fence!” I suppose that interpretation to this could mean numerous things also. I will not “research” this one. However, I do wish to share my opinion on this statement. Since when do we need to have fences, barricades or any sort of dividers between our elected officials and our town’s people? We are ALL supposed to work together, to be united as we stand. These are my own opinions.

In closing, I do attend all the City Council meetings. Therefore, I get my information as facts. I do not rely on second hand hear-say.

Respectfully Yours,
Peggy Mellot

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