Response to ” there is something (TIF) is not telling people “

Submitted by John Shimmel – 3/28/00

That’s all a bunch of bull !!! I’ve lived in Toronto all my life. The only thing kids don’t have today that we had growing up is Youth Harbor. And think about it, there was nothing but trouble there. Fighting, lots of drinking and drugs, Police constantly there !!!! Is that what we want again? I admit, I was there too, but I realize now that those types of settings invite problems. There is plenty of things for kids to do today. They just have to get away from the T.V. and the video games and get out there and find things to do !!!! You couldn’t ask for a safer place to raise children. There’s plenty for kids to do in Toronto. Baseball, football, basketball, tennis, swimming, fishing, hiking, camping. I was never bored growing up in Toronto, as a matter of fact, there weren’t enough hours in a day for me and my friends. I’ve been to plenty of big cities and they don’t impress me at all. Nobody knows anyone, and don’t you dare walk the streets after dark !!! It’s amazing how many people can’t wait to leave Toronto, but sometime down the road they return to live here again.

John Shimmel Toronto Resident

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