Response to Sneathen KMS Letter

Submitted by Michele Tucker – 6-21-00

I used to feel the same as you…I thought Toronto was a wonderful place to raise my child from the time she was in kindergarten, when we moved here, up until Feb. of ’99, when she went back to Toronto after being homeschooled for some time.

I wonder how old your kids are–I would bet they are younger…if they are not yet teenagers, you may get a different viewpoint later.

It’s not one bad kid that’s the problem…there are many. There is a vicious, mean spirit throughout the middle and high schools, almost like gangs…ask Emmett Mosti how often he has to go to the school…ask the superintendent how often people complain about KMS…ask parents who have moved out of Toronto what their experiences were. My child wasn’t the only one who had to learn how to fight, just to defend herself…it goes on quite a bit…

I attended Catholic schools all my life…I wondered if maybe this was how all public schools are, but they are not. Yes, some of the same problems exist everywhere, including Edison, but, in my opinion, not like this. There is a definite problem.

I’m not going to name any names, but I could tell you of at LEAST 10 mothers in Toronto that feel the same–and that’s right off the top of my head–and at least 10 more who have moved, so it’s not all a figment of my imagination.

Like I said, I would be surprised if ANYONE with children 13 or older in Toronto schools would tell me they don’t think there is a problem that is abnormal…in fact, you would be the first one I know.

I hope you never do have to go through the hell we have been through…I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I hope your children continue to have a good school experience here, but as for us, good riddance!

Michele Tucker

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