Response to “Toronto at High Speed”

Submitted by Bryan Holmes – 11/22/99

The problem with gaining high speed cable internet access (from my understanding) is not updating the cable into the home, but, updating the cable companies local service. The cost of this right now might not warrant the expense to do this in an area that is not densely populated. This is where a wireless standard would greatly help small communities such as Toronto. A major announcement relevant to this topic was released between Broadcom Corporation (whose chips are in 90% of cable modems and cable set-top boxes) and Cisco Systems. They announced a joint effort to try and create a 40mbps wireless modem (cable runs at speeds up to 30mbps bursts but with many users using one server this speed can greatly be reduced). This type of technology would be perfect for areas like Toronto and will ensure you are not forever destined to run at a 56kbps modem. Here is a link to that press release.

Bryan Holmes

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