Response to Vicki Kutchmark

Submitted by Linda Boilegh – 4/25/00

It was not up to my husband or I to disconnect the cable of the others since it was a cable connection just like ours only theirs was tapped into our cable. If you did not work there at the time you may not know all that happened. As for the Steubenville Cable at least they are in the 21st century and have cable modem, and monthly billing. If you can not stand the heat where you work why not move on. I saw your post about Domino’s sounds as if you have bad luck finding a good job. I worked for years in the service industry and one thing my boss taught me was that the customer is the one who pays your pay. If the cable system is so old why doesn’t Mr. Bates part with some of his money and upgrade.

Linda B.

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