Schools Are Out of Control

Submitted by Trisha a Toronto Resident

My name is Trisha and I live in Toronto. I have sveral points I’d like to make and I will keep them brief. First off, I’d like to know who the superintendants of these schools think they are letting these kids go to school after a bomb threat, fake or not. This is a very serious game to be playing, especially with the lives of young children. School is very important but it is not worth losing a life over.

My second point is ANGER MANAGMENT in the schools. They feel they need to teach Sex Education. …that is fine. But, what about teaching these kids how to deal with Stress, Anger, and Peer Pressure? Kids can be very cruel. They single out Lower Class children, who’s parents don’t have the money to buy them Kahkis, etc, which leads me to dress codes in school. I feel that every school should have a uniform dress code. The uniforms are available in almost every department store. At least this way kids would be less interested in “Kahkis” versus “Worn Jeans” and more focused on learning. And these lower class kids would have a much easier life in school, so to speak. If Colombine High would have had a dress code…it might not have prevented the tragedy that took place but it would have done away with the “Trench Coat Stereotype”. And here is a good example of where ANGER MANAGEMENT might have saved a few lives.

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