There is Something Toronto in Focus is not Telling People

Submitted by Ron Gray, a former resident.

Hi, how is the big town of Toronto. You’re doing a great job on the web page, but there is something your not telling people. There is nothing for kids to do after school. And that will tend to lead to trouble. I grew up in Toronto and I will never live there again. There’s bigger and better places out there, places where there are things for kids to do. I’m in the Army and it offers a way to get out of small towns like Toronto. I just don’t understand why people will build all those churches and pizza shops but will not put anything in for the kids to do. We used to have a Youth Harbor, but where is it now… When I lived there it seemed like the people did not care about the kids needs….

Sorry you live in Toronto
SGT Ronald Gray
U.S. Army

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