Things NEVER Change Around Here

Submitted by Vickie Kutchmark – 6/05/00

First of all, if the cable company didn’t hook up the illeagal cable, (which for a FACT I KNOW they DIDN’T), than it is your problem, unless you wanted to pay a fee for them sending someone out there to take care of it. Second, I know more about the cable than you think, and how many times people call for the most ridiculous crap. Maybe you would have been more happier in Reeseville, oh sorry, EMPIRE. And third of all, my job has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. I choose to work, so I don’t sit on my butt all day more or less that is why you are constantly on here bellyaching about every topic that is brought up. If this town would quit gripping about everything, things wouldn’t be so difficult when you voice your opinions. Summer is comming, find something better to do. Cause bad comments tend to really tick alot of people off.

Vickie Kutchmark

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