Toronto Cable

Submitted by Robert Emery – 3/28/00

Hello from Warren, Ohio, The whole time while I was growing in Toronto the cable system there has never been any good, you can pick up Channel 9 better with rabbit ears than you can get it with cable. I visit Toronto about once a month to see my family. All they do is complain about the cable. My parents have even canceled their cable and bought a DSS system. I have had a DSS system for over 3 years now and I will never go back to cable. The picture is crystal clear and you have a say in what channels that you receive not someone else. I visit the Toronto in Focus page a couple times a week to see what is going on in Toronto. All the letters now are about the cable system I think the people of Toronto need to get together and everyone cancel their cable service and put the cable company out of business and then maybe the so called elected officials of Toronto will get off their ass’s and get a good cable company in Toronto, or maybe the people of Toronto should all get a DSS system anymore you can almost get them for free. You people need to quit complaining and do something because the cable company does not care as long as they are making money from you…..

Robert Emery

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