Toronto Is A Great Place To Grow Up…
As Long As You Leave Before Your Teenage Years!

Submitted by Brian Holmes – 4/12/00

I am sick of the constant bickering back and forth between disgruntled teenagers who are begging for “something to do” and pathetic adults who site their childhood as an example of how to keep busy and out of trouble. The problem is not the kids. The problem is the Toronto coach potatoes who have nothing better to do than complain about all the darn kids running around throwing dried corn and eggs at houses during Halloween. Instead of these people getting off their lazy butts and helping they would rather sit back and complain.

Sure these kids have plenty of “things to do.” We have a baseball field, a public pool, basketball courts, some tennis courts, and an entertaining police department. However, most of these recreational facilities are in poor condition, (except Toronto’s finest, they’re great). Who wants to play tennis on a court where the tennis net drops lower than the IQ’s of some of the complainers on this board. Not to mention the fact that half the time the courts are flooded and are occupied with kids playing baseball because the one decent baseball field is occupied with little leaguers. In addition, half the basketball courts in Toronto are missing nets and the other half have rims that are stiffer than the pocket books of the people complaining on this board. Furthermore, I cannot recall one recreational facility in Toronto that has night lighting so that kids could play at night. Just remember that the next time your walkway lights are uprooted by a teenager’s foot with “nothing better to do.”

That brings me to another point, what in the heck are kids supposed to do during bad weather? Where can they participate in sports? I have some solutions. How about opening Roosevelt more often for kids to play basketball and volleyball. How about opening a gym that has some real weight equipment instead of some creative welding by a guy named Bob who doesn’t know the difference between his brachialis muscle and his forearm. I could go on and on but I will sum up this whole problem in one sentence: Toronto has hardly any recreational facilities for our youth, and the facilities we have are mediocre at best. The solution is simple. Make all the bleeding heart liberals in Toronto pay more taxes to subsidize a citywide recreational program headed by someone with a sport recreation or sport science degree. It is time the blue-collar liberal voters in Toronto, who elect politicians that tax the rich to death, pay their fair share. Give these kids something to do. They are tired of playing jacks like you did as a child.

Bryan Holmes
A Former Toronto Resident

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