Toronto’s Parks

September 11, 2000


My name is Melissa DeMary (Horkulic, class of 87) and I’m writing because I was very upset with the poor condition of the parks the last time I visited Toronto. I currently live with my husband and little boy in Columbus, Ohio. I visit Toronto often to see my family and especially my two nieces. On my last visit, I decided to take my little boy to the park. My first attempt was at the bottom of Daniels street where the small park was overgrown and there wasn’t even a slide. My sister then suggested that we go to the Lincoln school playground. I will agree it was in somewhat better shape, but still far from what I consider in good condition. Also, I think there were a few things still there from when I went to Lincoln school (24yrs ago). I did go to the pool and noticed a jungle gym/slide in the field above the pool, however it was on a steep hill and there was no other play equipment around. I really love to go visit Toronto and it makes me sad that my nieces and other children don’t have a nicer park. I realize a decent park costs money, however I feel it would definitely be money well spent. I realize it would cost a lot to upgrade all the current park locations, but I think one big park could be built in a central location. Maybe the land above the pool could be excavated a little and the city could expand upon that park area. There are also very inexpensive upgrades to a park, such as a large sand pit. I don’t want to sound negative about Toronto, I think it was a great place to grow up, but I think there also needs to be a little more emphasis on activities and areas for children. I hope other mothers in Toronto agree with me and maybe the next time I come to Toronto I’ll see some changes starting. I know there are a few very good landscapers and builders in Toronto, maybe some of the work could be donated or fundraisers could be held. I would be happy to help if possible.

Thank you,
Melissa DeMary

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